How to Make an Awesome Creative Agency Website

Before even creating the website, you need to approach it from the perspective of your prospective clients and show what you can do for them. In other words, the emphasis should not be so much on what you have done but what solutions you can offer the client. To put in another way, your website needs to show the client that you can help.

It’s all about the Customer

Your agency needs to focus on the customer, so the website’s content must be oriented in that direction. Cut back on the self-promotion and instead concentrate on providing information about how your products and services can help them. Remember that prospective clients are less interested in your accomplishments before than in what you can do for them now.  A good example of this in action is Kitchener based video agency Memory Tree’s website.  Their portfolio is upfront and center, which is exactly what a video production client wants and needs.

kitchener video agency

Establish the Brand

Your branding and corporate identity has to be established before your website is put up, because that’s going to determine the tone.   The logo is fhe first priority, and that’s the basis of your brand and website.

Transparency is a Must

The key to succeeding is to build trust, and the only way to do this is to be transparent about everything. Start by providing contact information on the website, and the more contact information you have the better. Second, make sure someone will answer queries if people do make contact.

Third, if your website has a social media presence (it should), provide links to it as well as your office address. It’s also good practice to provide a list of your past and present clients and a FAQ or resource center where potential clients can find answers to their most frequently asked questions.

And remember, stick only to what your agency can do and no more than that: your website should make it clear what your agency can and cannot do so there’s no misunderstanding with potential clients and customers.

Final Reminders

The general rules for creating good websites should also be followed, which means keeping the layout clean, using a limited number of fonts and making the site easy to navigate. Before uploading the site, conduct a preview and test run to check for any bugs or difficulties accessing certain features, and don’t forget to update the website on a regular basis.

How to Use Parallax to Create an Awesome Website

The biggest thing in web design today is parallax scrolling, where the background moves much more slowly compared to the foreground. This produces a 3D effect that when properly used, adds a subtle element to the page. However, it’s easy to overdo it, so you need to use the right approach.

Clean and Minimal

The key to an effective parallax scroll is a clean and minimal approach. A good example of this is the Alquimia WRG website which emphasizes a minimalist style and uses JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS to come up with a subtle yet effective design. There are many ways to achieve this: for instance you can use HTML5 to animate the primary image and then dynamically create parallax elements to produce a three dimensional space, which can be visually stunning.


Tips for Making Good Use of Parallax

Pay attention to details, and if it’s a large project break it into smaller pieces so you’ll have an easier time. If at all possible, use infographics because it’s an effective way to convey information.

Make sure that your parallax effect is in accordance with your chosen approach (i.e., optimized for mobile, not optimized, animated scrolling etc.), and ensure the site is 100% fully responsive before adding any more effects. Remember too that many mobile users disable scrolling effects, so if your site is optimized for mobile, consider not using it at all. Last but not the least, make sure site is properly organized, and that includes your JavaScript and data attributes.